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Let's go shopping!

Let's go shopping!

Wireless Magnetic Base Float Camera


Wi-Fi Camera, No Wires, Magnetic Base

Does NOT use your mobile data

Easy to install within minutes through a free app on either your mobile phone or tablet, Can connect to multiple devises at once.

Still works with no phone reception

Magnetic Base allows you to move to any metal surface.

Strong Hold ( I have travelled up and down the East Coast of NSW and it doesn't move).

Place on the back of your car to hook up the float, Then place in your float so you can view horses whilst travelling. Put on the back of your float to reverse into tight spaces. Put on the side of your float so you can see your hosres at all times whilst you pay for entries ect.


Wide angle lens

night vision

Rechargable Battery last over approx 5 hours

Charge via USB cable supplied. So you can charge in car when not in use.

Great viewing distance over 50mtrs

Piece of mind that allows you to see whats going on at all times.

Mobile number for posta tracking

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