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Let's go shopping!

Digestive EQ - Stress Paste


Ideal for Horses that get stressed wth Travel

1 Stress Paste

Pre travel - (early moring) - give your horse his usual morning feed with Digestive EQ included. Provide access to Hay.

Arrival at event - Offer water and then give Stress Paste and allow access to hay before competition. Idealy enough feed to fill his stomach.

Competition - During competition keep offering your horse hay and water. Ideally dont have periods longer then 60 minutes at a stretch 90 minutes with nothing to eat. 

Travel home - If you are travelling home on the same day, give your horses access to hay and water right up until the time you load them on your transport. Give Stress Pste 10 minutes before loading.

Arrival home - Give your horse his usual evening feed with Dgestive EQ included and his usual hay or pasture. 

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