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Let's go shopping!

Plaiting Wax 75g


Judges Choice Plaiting Wax contains Natural Beeswax and Rapseed Oil. These waxes are used to form a strong hold to create a natural, shiny, non-greasy hold. Use Judges Choice Plaiting Wax to tame those flyaway hairs when plaiting, but keep the flexibility needed to create a smooth plait and braid every time. Your plaits will be left smooth, superior hold, and will not flake. The perfect plaiting wax for your horse's mane.

Product Details:

  •   Convenient and easy to use
  • Use to keep the fly away hairs down on your plaits
  • Judges Choice Plaiting Wax will give you a good grip, helping keep plaits tight
  • Non greasy with a great shine for your plaits, will hold for the whole show

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